For the Health of your Skin and our Planet

For the HEALTH
of your SKIN
and our PLANET


Why we do this?

  • Clean beauty is broken
  • Eco-ethical living
  • Call for ingredient transparency
  • Immunity matters
  • Skin sensivity
  • Disproving the myths


Our ultra-restrictive standards goes beyond Beauty Industry regulations. They are based on 100% clean and natural ingredients, safety, transparency and sustainability. We are:

All ingredients, including natural fragrances and food-grade preservatives, come from sustainable, natural sources and are not synthetically derived

100% CLEAN

Means made without over 50 groups of synthetic and toxic substances with a suspected human health risk, from hormone disruption and cancer to skin irritation – See full Black List


Free of any animal-derived ingredients. We never test our products on animals


We show every formula down to the individual ingredient and always explain the function. This means that you have the comfort of understanding what you are putting on your face


We use 100% biodegradable, ethically-sourced ingredients and fully recyclable packaging. 100% of our jars and bottles are made from partly recycled glass – an infinitely recyclable material, which, unlike plastic, cannot transmit toxic elements that could contaminate your clean formula and your skin. Our boxes and leaflets are made from paper coming from responsibly managed forests under FSC supervision


Our formulas are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. They are free from 26 common fragrance allergens identified by the EU scientific body as skin sensitizers

Verdilab Clean Beauty Standards
We say YES to
100% natural formulas
100% vegan
Non-toxic ingredients
Cruelty free
Marine & Plant biotechnology
100% natural fragrances
Scientifically proven results
Dermatological tests
Ingredients transparency
Sustainable ingredients
Recyclable packaging
We say NO to
Synthetic ingredients
Animal derivatives
Animal testing
Synthetic preservatives
Synthetic fragrances
Petroleum derivatives
Microplastics & nano-plastics
Silicones, Acrylates
Sulphates, Phthalates
Synthetic polymers
Alcohol & Ethanol
Fragrance allergens
Chemical sunscreens
Triclosan, Triclocarban

How do we do this?

Our Ingredients' Philosophy

We use only natural and naturally-derived ingredients - not only are our actives natural, but everything else inside the jar is as well. All of our ingredients are manufactured with the appropriate processes to maintain the highest purity. Our formulas are extremely rich in Marine and Botanical actives, minerals and natural acids – we use over 80 active ingredients. All are of the highest quality and have scientifically confirmed efficacy - even if they are more expensive than their alternatives. We use biologically active organic algae serum, as well as herbal and flower waters as solvents instead of regular water. They are made from fresh seaweed or fresh flower petals harvested by hand. They are processed in accordance with ecological standards within 24 hours after picking. This enables us to retain the integrity of all of the active molecules and minerals they have. We apply additional microfiltration processes to safely incorporate them into our formulations. To ensure highest safety of our cosmetics and broad spectrum of protection we use natural, food-grade preservatives obtained from starch, vegetal inulin, fennel and other natural sources which are proven to be non-carcinogenic and not suspected to be an environmental toxins. Our fragrances are all-natural or of natural origin. But unlike most fragrances, they are not just essential oils that are full of allergens. Verdilab’s fragrances are proprietary compositions of natural substances without 26 commonly known fragrance allergens (some of our fragrance compositions have their traces but not more than 0.0005%).

Natural And Effective

We can proudly say that all-natural cosmetics can be highly effective, yet safe. Our unique, fully natural and non-toxic formulas bring real, measurable results. Their efficacy has been confirmed by independent clinical studies across people aged between 18-70 with sensitive skin.

Eco-Ethics In A Jar

We create 100% natural skincare products that are effective and safe for people, animals, and the planet. Our vegan formulas are completely free from animal-based ingredients, such as lanoline, beeswax, milk andor others. We do not use ingredients derived from raw animal materials as welleither. We never test our products on animals. Our formulas are completely free from any microplastics or nanoplastics. They do not contain any petroleum-based ingredients that are toxic for the environment. We do not use any synthetic UV filters that poison the oceans and kill the coral reefs. We avoid any all plastic containers – both neither bottles andnor jars. We use accessories made only from fully recyclable raw materials and boxes made from responsibly-sourced paper under FSC supervision.

Skin Immunity

Today we know that the skin is an active immune organ that fends off the attacks of external aggressors and protects us from microbes and environmental toxins. The proper balance of the skin's immune system ensures that the condition of the skin stays healthy. Its disruption under the influence of pollution and the oxidative stress results in disbalance of the skin’s microbiota, skin inflammation, acne lesion, skin redness, loss of the natural ability to maintain proper level of hydration and premature skin aging.
Therefore, maintaining the natural skin’s immune defense ensures that the skin stays healthy.
Leveraging over 50 years of know-how in immunology, we are bringing the first fully natural proprietary and patent pending Signature Complex that boosts the immune capabilities of the skin. It brings a new level of effectiveness to skincare.

Safe For Sensitive Skin

Our formulas have the highest affinity to the skin. We use only natural and non-toxic ingredients with the highest level of purity. In our product formulas, we avoid 26 common fragrance allergens identified by the EU scientific body as skin sensitizers, using only 100% natural and natural origin fragrances (some of our fragrance compositions have their traces but not more than 0.0005%). Our preservatives are natural origin and food grade and are classified by the Cosmetics Database as “not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful”. Unlike the majority of brands, we do not use phenoxyethanol, which is a synthetic preservative and classified by EU as toxic for use around the mouth and an irritant. To make our cosmetics safe we use only natural emulsifiers which are PEG free, and we do not use any microplastics, silicones or polymers, mineral oils or petroleum-based glycols, paraffines, phthalates or sulphates. All our products have gone through strict safety assessment controls in order to be classified as safe for sensitive skin. All our products go through multilevel safety tests across people with sensitive skin.


We believe that Clean Beauty without transparency is meaningless. That is why we openly talk about all the ingredients inside our formulas, explaining how they work. We give you the comfort of knowing what you are putting on your face, as we believe that we all deserve truth and respect.


"Nature is our greatest ally and our greatest inspiration"

~David Attenborough
One of the biggest challenges we face today is saving our planet. It's a difficult task, but there are things that we can do right now to make a difference. As a new, socially responsible company, we have the power to do things in the proper way from the very start.

That is why we have committed ourselves to creating natural and clean cosmetics that are not only safe for your skin, but also for the planet. Here's how we do it
We use only 100% natural and 100% natural origin, vegan compliant ingredients, in accordance with COSMOS NATURAL as well as the ISO 16128 norm for natural cosmetics.
All our ingredients are biodegradable, ethically and sustainably sourced.
Jars and bottles
We only use glass containers that are 100% recyclable and partly made of recycled glass, entirely avoiding plastic jars and bottles. Glass is an infinitely recyclable material. Unlike plastic, glass cannot transmit toxic elements that could contaminate our clean formulas and your skin.
We protect our formulas with 100% recyclable aluminum foil.
We use the absolute minimum amount of materials made of 100% recyclable PP or PETG approved by Ecocert.
Our packaging has a sustainable design – which means it has been designed with the lowest possible harm to the environment.
We use only 100% recyclable materials even for internal, invisible parts. Our paper is FSC-certified – it comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The FSC certificate is currently the most recognizable proof of sustainable development in the packaging industry.
Made with environmentally friendly, sustainable water-based inks, approved by REACH, which is an EU regulation adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the dangers of chemicals.

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