Our story

Creating VERDILAB, I wanted to prove that the combination of HIGH-TECH formulas and 100% NATURAL ingredients is possible, being extremely safe and effective.
Victoria Neymann,
Founder & CEO of Verdilab, Medical Doctor
Our story
I wanted to create skincare products that would be 100% natural – without any synthetic ingredients, including fragrances and preservatives. I wanted to make them sustainable, using only ethically sourced ingredients and avoiding plastics in packaging as much as possible – inspired by the green changes all of us need to commit to save our planet from climate change. And I wanted to make them extremely effective – products that not only make you feel good but are also good for you – for your skin cells, for your body, and for your immune system – especially as the skin is our largest organ, not to mention our main barrier to the outside world.
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VERDILAB is the conclusion of those reflections and my personal contribution
to the betterment of the health of our skin and our planet.
VERDILAB is the 1st 100% Natural Swiss skincare, based on 50 years of scientific research. It is made to change your skin and your life for better.
VERDI is a play on the word “Verde”, which means “green” in Italian, and “Lab”, which is short for Laboratory – the place where our story began.
How it all had been started
It started with my Grandfather, a microbiologist and a cutting-edge scientist, who investigated immunology at the inception of the era of this medical science back in the 1960s. He discovered previously unknown mechanisms of immune homeostasis (*If you are curious about his discovery, it was registered as “The phenomenon of inhibition of antibody activity”).
My Father, a professor of Immunology and Allergology, followed in his footsteps and discovered the unique property of natural RNA molecules to boost cell regeneration, and the body’s ability to eliminate toxins by activating the immune system. Within the next five decades, his breakthrough discovery in the field of immunology was validated through clinical trials on over 10,000 patients with 30 different diseases, including severe skin disorders. He was also granted a patent for the synthesis of natural RNA from yeast - the form that we use in our Signature Complex.
Using my father’s revolutionary discovery, which was based on over 50 years of his scientific research, I have created –
a cutting edge, patent pending Signature Complex based on natural RNA.
The beauty of
is that it is completely natural and naturally powerful. It boosts skin regeneration, activates skin’s protective abilities, and accelerates cellular repair. These unique properties of ImmunatuRNA® have been confirmed by Swiss and Italian research institutes.
has become the scientific heart of VERDILAB cosmetics to reinforce the innate immunity of our skin. This is a fundamental condition for our skin to look healthy and beautiful.
But, VERDILAB is much more than just that.
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My dream – not to mention an enormous challenge - was to create all natural, non-toxic and super effective skincare products without any synthetic or potentially harmful compound – no parabens, phenoxyethanol or other synthetic preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no animal derived ingredients, petroleum derived glycols, no groups of phthalates, sulphates, acrylates, silicones, micro or nanoplastics, petroleum derivatives, alcohol or many others still commonly used in cosmetics – for the health of our skin and our planet.
Instead, we have infused VERDILAB formulas with a huge amount of high-grade active ingredients of natural origin that are scientifically proven effective and work synergistically. Our formulas are supercharged with natural acids, microelements, various types of algae extracts, plant stem cells, a range of super rare marine plant extracts and minerals.
Our cosmetics are waterless, which means that instead of water that is regularly used in cosmetics as a solvent, we use organic algae serum, floral and herbal waters which provide the skin with beneficial nutrients. We only use natural fragrances that are allergens free. All preservatives in our formulas are food-grade and 100% natural origin.
VERDILAB is extremely effective. It is not only exceptionally pleasant to use, but also benefits your skin’s cells and supports the NATURAL IMMUNITY of the SKIN – to make it healthy and beautiful. Our formulas are 100% natural and clean, safe for even the most sensitive skin.
VERDILAB is a sustainable brand.
At VERDILAB we are inspired by the green changes we all need to make to save our planet from climate change, and so we have committed to using only ethically sourced ingredients and only glass containers, avoiding plastics in packaging as much as possible. The paper that we use FSC certified.
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Today we offer you VERDILAB – high-tech, natural and clean Swiss skincare that can rebalance your skin for the better. I like to say we represent a new generation of skincare. We are science backed, sustainable, natural, and effective. We are VERDILAB.
Our past
Our Philosophy
NATURE, HEALTH, and ACCEPTANCE are our greatest values. Today, they are the NEW LUXURY of our world.
We stand for Healthy and Natural Beauty, which means authenticity and harmony, even if it is not obvious. Nature, itself, is heterogeneous and imperfect, being extremely beautiful in this non-obviousness.
We stand for the acceptance of our own natural beauty. It means self-acceptance, which is a great strength. The strength to not compromise our values to please others, and to not sacrifice health for the sake of beauty.
We stand for the health of our soul, body and skin. We want our skin to radiate with immaculate health, no matter our age.
We believe in the healing power of pure nature, and we want to share this power with you. Because if we know nature well, understand it intimately and use it properly, it can do miracles, changing our skin, our body, and our life for the better.
We invite you to join our movement. The movement to accept your own natural beauty. The movement to be proud to be yourself.
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From Our Founder

Im not an Instagram star. Im a 3rd generation Medical Doctor with two decades of experience in the natural pharma and cosmetic industries. My name is Victoria. And my story started many years ago.

The medical tradition is very strong in my family. I spent my whole childhood listening to adults talking about the newest experiments, therapies, and scientific discoveries. Macrophages, thrombocytes, prostaglandins - these were the terms that we discussed at the dinner table in my early childhood. I knew from an early age that I would become a medical doctor an immunologist, just like most of my family.

But my life took a slightly different turn, leading me to completely unexpected places.

After medical university at the age of 26, I gained my first experience as an entrepreneur, learning how to create real value and building my first team.

Then I began my adventure with the pharmaceutical industry, working in the field of herbal remedies.

This is where, over the next seven years, I built my knowledge of natural medicine, discovering its unique power.

Looking back, I now see this is when my great passion for nature was born. It was a great experience - learning to understand nature, its diversity and fragility, but also its great strength.

Mastering the understanding of how to create natural remedies, from planting and harvesting, through analysis and extraction of the most valuable substances, to their use in medicine, to finally being able to observe the fantastic clinical results they deliver.

But it was the world of cosmetics in which I spent the next over a decade that turned out to be my greatest professional fulfillment.

The longer I studied cosmetics, the more certain I became in my conclusion - we do not need synthetic ingredients to enjoy beautiful and healthy skin.

I already knew that to bring these ideas to life, I would have to challenge beauty industry rules by doing things differently, in my own way, turning my knowledge into clinically proven results.

I truly, sincerely believe in the wisdom of nature. It gives us great wealth and an enormous variety of possibilities. And I believe that the current momentum towards getting "back to nature" is the most valuable principle that we could instill in ourselves as humans. Nature has tremendous healing power, especially if you understand and respect it. I feel deeply that, in David Attenboroughs words, Nature is our greatest ally and greatest inspiration. This is why I wanted to create a health-focused beauty company that believes in the power of natural skincare.

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My dream was clear: using all of the experience and knowledge I gained through the years, I wanted to reinvent the approach to beauty by creating a new generation of cosmetics:

fully transparent, pure and 100% natural, without any of the greenwashing so popular in the beauty industry. Skincare that brings you real results without risking your health.

At Verdilab, we avoid more than 50 types of synthetic and harmful substances that may have a toxic or harmful effect on our body or to our planet.

Our Verdilab Clean Beauty standards are the highest in the industry.

I believe that Clean Beauty without transparency is meaningless, and transparency is something that all of us deserve.

We take pride in explaining all of the ingredients in our formulas, detailing how they work and giving you the comfort of knowing what you are putting on your face.

To me, beauty is in the health of our skin, the health of our bodies, and in our self-satisfaction and self-acceptance. Acceptance of the lines traced on our faces, imprinted by years and experiences. Acceptance of ourselves as we are. Because for me, true beauty is authentic, pure and natural.

Today I invite you to join our movement for the sake of acceptance of your own natural beauty. Lets be proud to be ourselves.

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